Cave Rescue

Just Stuff

Becky and I were driving on I-75 in Florida recently. I glanced in the side-view mirror and thought I saw a billboard promoting ‘CAVE RESCUE’ with a rescuer rappelling down a vertical shaft. Certainly there are caves in Florida as the whole place is karstic, but most are flooded, and cave rescue seemed like the most unlikely thing to promote on a billboard. On a second look, it turned out that it was a billboard for a roadside strip club:


You can see how I would have made the mistake. I showed it to Becky, and she thought it was sweet that my mind tended to run down the non-prurient track. A few miles later we ran across another billboard and I told her “and see, she’s crawling through a low passage to save someone”:


This earned me the raised eyebrow with the squinched up face (the dreaded ‘stink-eye’) and a “Don’t push it buddy”.