A Foregone Trip

A Foregone Trip

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I’ve been itching to get out on a bike tour.  Any tour.  No matter how un-scenic and miserable and soul-robbing.  I’m on a bike every day, but I’ve just been feeling the need to throw another 60 lbs of stuff on it and ride it till I’m exhausted.  

So I thought I’d have my co-workers drop me off with my bike around Fort Valley on the way back from a work trip to Tampa, and then spend a couple days getting home.

I broach the idea with Becky.  She raises an eyebrow, “on the week of our anniversary?, really?”  Oh, gentle reader, did I not mention that part?  It’s just our 37th, which is like the gypsum anniversary.  Or maybe cardboard.  Sensing the need to backtrack, and quickly, I tell her, “That’s OK, this wasn’t a high priority.  With the short days it would have been a cold and dark and lonely trip anyway.”

“In that case”, Becky says, “you should go. In fact, I insist.  As punishment for coming up with the d*mb*ss idea of going on a bike trip on your anniversary.”

Well she eventually relented.  So now I don’t have to go bike touring in December and sit through 15hr nights in the dark.  A good wife helps you keep things in their proper perspective.

You younger women out there – you see how that works?